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SADISTIK Double Feature Thriller, featuring STRIP & KILL and VIOLENCE VISITS A VOYEUR

Darker than any Dark Knight..

an evil James Bond!

SADISTIK, the monster with a 1000 Masks! Known as KILLING in Italy, SATANIK in France, and KiLiNK in Turkey where he starred in over a dozen films! Featured in photo novels published all over the world and now collected in English for the first time!

Actors appearing in these photo novels also appeared in many European movies ranging from spaghetti westerns, spy and sci-fi films under such world-famous directors as Mario Bava, Dario Argento and Federico Fellini.

SADISTIK DOUBLE FEATURE THRILLER includes two complete, uncensored, movie-length photo novels.

STRIP & KILL: A top secret poison gas formula is the target of the King of Crime. But a mob boss and spies are also after the plans and the F.B.I. is hot on all their trails! Can SADISTIK succeed as he has to wade through rivers of blood, corpses and traitorous vixens? The basis for the infamous cult 1967 Turkish film of the same name!

VIOLENCE VISITS A VOYEUR: In a rare moment of relaxation, the The Diabolikal Super-Kriminal lets down his guard and his most protected secret is exposed! Blackmailed by a scheming pin-up model, SADISTIK engages in a deadly plot that involves dolls, drugs and death!


INFAMOUS IN ISTANBUL: An overview of the Diabolikal One's Turkish film career including rare and lurid posters and photos. LUCIANA PAOLI: MOVIE STRIPTEASE: A pin-up shoot done for the Marcello Mastroianni film Casanova '70 with the buxom actress who plays SADISTIK's lover Dana. TURA SATANA: The ULTIMATE FEMME FATALE! A lavishly illustrated exclusive interview with the incredible icon, star of such film classics as Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!, The Astro-Zombies and role model to millions!


MORT TODD is a filmmaker, animator and former writer, artist & editor for Cracked magazine and Marvel Comics. Beyond translating and adapting the SADISTIK photo novels, he is developing a live action film and animated series with the character. An Italian documentary he produced about SADISTIK called THE DIABOLIKAL SUPER-KRIMINAL has won awards at film festivals around the world and recently released on DVD in Europe.

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